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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


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Go Kate!

The rough draft is the fun part, but also the most difficult for me. It doesn't matter how bad it is though - I just put something down and then it either inspires me or bores me to a different and better idea. I can never tell if something is interesting until I say it outloud or see it on paper. I don't trust anything in my head, even when it seems exciting. My favorite book on creativity and the writing process is What it Is by Lynda Barry. I think it could apply to any type of writer.


YAY for your movie! I know this post is now months old and so maybe you've either written it or moved on to something else, but I still think it's cool that you started the process. Your blog is the first one I've read in months (not an exaggeration) and it felt good to read about what someone else is doing creatively. It's inspiring. When you have a draft you want someone to read, I'm available to read it!!!! Would love it. xoxoxo


I like to read and I love to read humor most of all! I'm sure I'll learn a bunch from you about how to get my life's lessons out for everyone to read and learn from!


Your blog has some of the most fascinating information! I've read several pages here and I just had to comment and let you know that I thought you've been doing a great job here. Keep it up!

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