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Monday, July 12, 2010


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I have a very hard time finding appropriate attorney clothes. I like the outfit a lot. However, I would not feel comfortable wearing a shirt that short to work. Women attorneys must somehow be conservative and fashionable and serious and feminine. I don't know how to pull that off. So any suggestions you have are appreciated!!

The Blonde J.D.

In retrospect, I would have to agree that I would likely never have worn this at either of my prior firms. Yes, female attorneys really do have to watch what they wear; I know some of the men at my prior firm would feel threatened just by a woman wearing boots -- forget about skirt length!

I've always found "business casual" policies especially unfair to women. Men just take off the jacket and tie and wear the same old business clothes they would have worn anyway; women have to go out and invest in a whole new wardrobe (and then be criticized if they accidentally cross some invisible line).

I guess if this is ever to change, women will have to take the lead in redefining what's appropriate. I have known several female partners who are not afraid to wear short skirts to work, but I'm not sure whether they did this at the associate level or only after having made it to partner.

Diane Hoffer

Ladies, my suggestion would be, if you wore this dress as a tunic and added a nice looking pair of pants, you would be able to wear this to the office as a business casual outfit. There are many options to accessorize this top, such as belts, necklaces, scarves and more.

I do get all of my clothing rather inexpensively, so I can have more items. There are so many knock-off designer fashions, you can get the look for a fraction of the cost.

By the way, Kate the outfit is cute and I could see you in it. You can wear it anywhere-lunch dates,dinners, movies, front porch Fridays, etc.


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