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Monday, May 03, 2010


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I've started taking 5000mg. of vitamin D3 daily. It's helped a lot with my SAD, and arthritis. The meds I'm on (and my allergy to the sun - seriously) preclude my getting outside in the sun each day.
Your hubby looks like Ron White.
Have a great day!

Little Brother

(i.e., one who get paid to create stuff)

I hope people allow for infrequent grammatical or typographical errors on blogs and don't condemn the authors for them.

The Blonde J.D.

Hi Trece -- Supplements do have their place (I occasionally take them too).

And touché, Little Brother -- thanks for pointing out the typo (missing "s"); I've never claimed to be a good proofreader of my own work! (Would you like the job?)

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