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Sunday, March 07, 2010


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Inmate At the Truth Seekers' Correctional Facility

I stumbled upon your site while reading about the state of the legal profession. I'm an unemployed, and experienced, attorney really barely surviving in the face of an exorbitant labor surplus and diminishing demand in the legal field. So I not infrequently hit the internet to be reminded that I'm not alone. I just want to say I enjoyed your posts and find it unfortunate that your work, here hasn't continued. I mean, you seem to get it- work, struggle, a sense of humor (I'd die without one), perserverance, and a strong character, to name a few, are all equally important realities of life. My best wishes to you concerning your struggle with MS- I have been close to a couple of people who also wrestled with MS and saw the hardship firsthand. I don't even know if you check this site anymore, but I thought it was worth hearing. Peace

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Ever since he started his blog The Legal Underground in 2004, Evan Schaeffer has periodically pondered the different types of lawyers.


Many experienced just the way you do but I believe everything happened for a purpose and that is getting up, dusting off and working for the next comeback.


I love your blog!! Nice and informative post on this topic thanks for sharing with us. Thank you!

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